Friday, 18 April 2014

Patterns in Palaces

  Now, I would love to tell you what specific buildings these beautiful patterns are from but I'm really not sure! One thing I noticed about St. Petersburg (please can I just go back?) is how many palaces there are. Whichever street we turned down the guide would tell us of a palace that someone had given to someone as a present or something. I think most of these are actually from inside the Winter Palace but don't hold me to that!
As we walked through a couple dozen extravagant rooms I just couldn't believe it. Every room was so extravagant, it was breathtaking. Each room had carefully engraved pictures and paintings on each wall and each pillar. The ceilings are what stood out to me, I would look up and be amazed at the intricate details that were up there (also, how did they paint on the ceilings?!) It was just really interesting if you looked closely at the amount of detail that was put in, although some rooms looked a bit over the top the overall effect was beautiful and breathtaking even so much so that I felt they needed a photo-heavy blog post!
I really really wish I was back there instead stuck indoors revising, is it weird that I'm nostalgic for just over a week ago?

I would be absolutely thrilled if you could perhaps nominate me for the Best Teen Fashion Blog for the Company Style Blogger Awards , I don't expect at all to be on the shortlist or anything but I figure I might as well try! So go ahead and nominate here.
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  1. Freaking amazing! I wish I lived in some place with more of a distinct culture and history like Russia, cause in Canada everything is new, or destroyed. :(

  2. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like you had an amazing time :) x


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