Sunday, 30 August 2015

My week in photos #4

This week has been full of beautiful sunsets, getting to know new people and chatting with old friends, it has been perfect. I came home from V Festival on Monday, my throat felt like sandpaper but it was amazing, I won't rattle on about it too much as you can read my post here. But Monday and Tuesday were spent recovering and running standard errands like the physio and dentist, boring mundane everyday necessities!
However life got more interesting on Wednesday night when one of my good friends had her 18th birthday party on a boat on the Thames. We felt like we were in Made in Chelsea but it was so lovely to catch up with so many people in my year at school who I haven't seen over the summer. My favourite part was going past all the sights, we sailed past Big Ben, The London Eye, The Shard, Canary Wharf, London Bridge, The O2 arena - it was breathtaking, I honestly couldn't have felt more content at that moment knowing I soon will be living with these sights on my doorstep. (Three weeks until I move!) 
On Thursday it was another one of my good friends 18th birthday so the afternoon was spent chilling in the pub, getting to know new people, having henna done and just generally catching up and having a laugh! Last night was spent with the same group of people for a bigger celebration and sitting round a campfire at 3 in the morning with Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing, I felt so so happy. And we get to do it all again tonight for another birthday! Although I only slept for four hours last night, I'm to just chill and have some fun again tonight. 
Life's been busy this week, but it's been great. It is around this time of the year that I become obsessed with sunsets again, they just ooze candy floss colours and take my breath away each night. These long summer nights are drawing to an end but they've been perfect so I'm ready to enjoy them whilst they last!

Now Reading // I've started Me, Earl and The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews and I'm really not sure about it! 



  1. YOU'RE NOT SURE ABOUT IT?? I mean, it's all good and all, books can be objective, but I thought that book was stellar!!! You're gonna have to get back to me on it when you've finished because we need to talk about it's heartbreaking amazingness!!!!

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ intergalactic glitter monster

  2. V fest looked like so much fun! i loved the outfits you posted on instagram too haha


  3. V fest sounded amaze! I love these photos too, I'm so sad summer is nearly over :/- I'm desperate to read 'Me, Earl and the dying girl' let me know if it's any good once you've finished it! xo


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