Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Blair Waldorf

Photos all taken from Polyvore and Tumblr
As soon as the last ever Gossip Girl was aired on television and the world found out that all along it was Lonely Boy pulling all the strings and was the notorious 'Gossip Girl' I have begun to watch the Gossip girl again, from the very start. Along with trying to see if it was obvious it was Dan I have been fixated on Leighton Meester - Blair Waldorf's style. She is literally perfect. In the first too seasons she is preppy,  classy with a little bit of of an edge. Blair has made the headband an iconic Gossip Girl look as it was worn by 'The Met Step Girls' who were basically the rich, posh and mean girls. I love how the within their school, Constance they're school uniform can be changed lots so they were bright tights, frilly blouses and various outerwear and accessories. I wish ours was like that!
In the last episode where Blair finally married Chuck she wore her incredible wedding dress by Elie Saab and looked her absolutely gorgeous self. It was gorgeous and worked well with her updo with of course - a signature headband! One interesting fact I found out about whilst reading some interviews with the costume director Eric Damon is that throughout most of the series they tried to have Blair and Chucks colour of their clothes compliment each other. You can read some of those interviews here and here. I just loved Blairs style and how it evolved throughout the six series although One question remains on my mind - Why can't I rock a headband like Blair Waldorf?


  1. I lovee Blair style! Have little post about it, if you'd like to see :)

    Lovely blog, following now!

    1. Yes me too! Ohh yes, a lovely post! Thank you :) xox

  2. Oh my gosh! Her style is amazing right!!


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