Sunday, 27 January 2013

Recent Fashion Books

I got these two books for Christmas and my birthday and love them. They both are two different books showing two different bits of the fashion industry. The Style Feed goes through the most recent and popular bloggers. It shows the different style and layouts of each blog. It’s really interesting to read through the first blogs that have now influenced the fashion industry to grow through blogs. The different images they pick from the blogs shows the uniqueness of each one in just a couple of pictures. The Phaidon The Fashion Book is completely different to the Style Feed but in an intriguing way. It goes alphabetically through influential people in fashion. It has designers, models, photographers, Tailors and even Icons. It such an interesting book that I think anyone who is interested in fashion should read it!
As you can tell, I love books and obviously fashion, so when the two come together I always find it amazing. In my first picture you can see my stack building up and hopefully over time I can create a rather big collection to raise inspiration and knowledge from.

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  1. These books look amazing! nothing better than hardback fashion books!

    Latasha x | Le Powder Room

  2. these books look so interesting! must look into them more, might even consider purchasing one or two :)


    1. Yes do! There such good books for inspiration! xxx


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