Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wedding + Update

So just over a week ago I had the privilege to attend my very first wedding! My beautiful cousin Eleanor was getting married to Tom, it was such a unforgettable day.
1 - This photo was taken after the church service which I couldn't stop beaming in. My sister Madeleine was a bridesmaid so it was extra special seeing Eleanor and Madeleine both walk down the aisle gracefully. I was sat with the rest of my cousins and we all were mesmerised by the service. I'm not going to lie in saying they picked great hymns as well - 'Morning has broken' and 'Be thou my vision' although I couldn't compare to my little cousin William who sang his heart out during the signing of the register I did enjoy singing the hymns!
2 - A picture of the wedding car. 'Just Married.' It was so exciting seeing them come out of the church and throw confetti then wave them off in the car
3- The decorations at the receptions were set out so lovely, the flowers all complemented each other and the tables were so pretty. I especially loved the 'Mr & Mrs' decorations on the main table.  It was just such amazing day!

I have now gone back to school but, to sixth form! It's so odd! I have to wear a suit which I'm pretty sure just makes me look like a child attempting to be an adult but oh well! I must say it is nice not having any lessons to go to which you dread. But starting sixth form and going back to dance does probably mean that my blog will take a bit of a hit. I also have lots of video's that need to be edited but I just haven't got round to it. However I will sill try to post as much as I can of course but just to warn you!
Also, How excited are you for October Teen Vogue? I'm super (duper) excited as it has Hailee Steinfeld on the front and as you know I'm obsessed with her and its the young Hollywood issue which every year its my favourite!
Oooooo I feel like I have just rambled and rambled on but one more thing - I reached 500 followers on my twitter the other day and would just like to say thank you! It really pleased me and made me feel proud!

Now playing - Ariana Grande - Baby I  (How amazing are her clothes in this video?!)

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  1. wow! This wedding looks so beautiful and that cake is my dream!!

    1. The cake was amazing! Definitely has two of those cupcakes :) Christina xoxo

  2. beautiful photos- and i hope sixth form is going ok too! xx


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