Sunday, 1 March 2015

Catching a breath

A random collection of photo's that have little relevance to the post but I find so so pretty - Can be found on my tumblr.

I feel a bit of a block right now writing this post after what seems like so long, it's like the promise of a blank page - it's incredible because you can say what you want and, well, the world is your oyster, but on the other hand it's incredibly scary - I'm confused with how much I share with you on the internet, are you my friend? Your my friend, the people who read my blog are my friends because they read what I let them read, but are you my friend because you know my whole life? No, the internet is only a small proportion of one's life and I feel that because I have not posted in a couple of weeks, you don't know the new me. Not that I've changed drastically, I really haven't, but you haven't heard from me in a while, after a week skiing (or rather, failing to ski) of being surrounded by beautiful mountains, but also by some of my best friends, you don't know me who has been coughing her guts out the past week, croaking my words out, or who has a fear or missing out so much that I force myself to go to school and to dancing because I don't want to miss out, even if what I really needed was a day in bed to sleep and cough on my own, and probably wallow in my own self-pity from my cold - I sound so dramatic, my life really isn't that interesting!
But hat is essentially the new me - not that I've changed, but I've grown I suppose. The ski trip was full of many ups and downs, thankfully more ups than downs but it was a test of strength as well because the days skiing were extremely tiring but we went out and partied some evenings, making  the days longer, but so much better and full of so many memories.

This next week is one of the busiest but most exciting weeks I've had in a long time. It's the third and final issue of my school magazine Ink coming out - It's the first time Ink has had three issues in a year so it's so exciting to be leading it once again. I am performing in the school talent show on Thursday and Friday night which is terrifying, I'm used to dancing on a stage but not in front of school people, it will definitely be interesting! Then on Saturday I've got my big 18th party which I am sharing with Bryony, which will (cross fingers) be amazing - I'm still yet to find a dress but a hefty order from Misguided has been placed to hopefully they'll serve me well! Then on Sunday I've got a dance competition which I'm super excited for as I missed a fair amount because of my ski trip so it will be nice to perform and have a day with my dance friends.
 Hopefully when I am able to catch a breath I'll be able to shoot some outfit shots or come up with new blog idea's, I'm still as motivated as ever!

Hope you all have a good week lovelies!

Now Reading // I've just finished reading the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver - It's such a good premise of the book and I really enjoyed the first two but I was slightly disappointed with the conclusion on the third book!


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  1. I hope you're on the mend now, those coughs that won't go away are the worst! What is it with trilogies with disappointing endings as well? Sometimes I wish authors would stick to one great book rather than drag it out for 3! x


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