Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Spring Country Playlist!

After recently discovering the joys of having Spotify premium it has enabled me to find some pretty awesome new music. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that I have a soft spot for some country music, and that's the basis of my music playlist at the moment. So I thought, as I did back in June I would talk you through some of my favourite albums at the moment.

Striking Matches

'There's no music, no confetti
Crowds don't cheer, and bells don't ringbut you'll know it, I can guaranteewhen the right one comes along'

I first came across Striking Matches a couple of months ago after being introduced to them through the programme Nashville. They are the songwriters of one of the popular Scarlett and Gunnar duets, 'When the right one comes along.' After listening to a few of their EP's I was eager to hear their debut album. Their sound focuses around the guitar and the mix of a male and female voice create a tone of soothing voices that match perfectly to create a country inspired vibe. I'm pretty sure their album will be on repeat for a long long time.

James Bay

'Everything's that's broke
Leave it to the breeze
Why don't you be you
And I'll be me'

I have had James Bay's debut single 'Hold back the river' on repeat for goodness knows how long so I waited with baited breath, as I think a fair amount of the country did, for his debut album and it didn't disappointed! Yes, he does have a similar feel to Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith being a white male singer/songwriter but he has more of an edgy voice. Not only am I a fan of his hat, I love his chilled raspy voice, especially the fact the album has a range of slow songs like 'Need the sun to break' and more upbeat ones like 'collide.' It's the perfect Spring background music!

Nashville: On the Record Vol 2

'Got a pocket full of promise
Got it if you want it
Got a whole lot more to give
If your heart can handle it'

Nashville is one of my favourite TV shows and this music based episode where the cast perform live on the Opry and pay tribute to the songwriters of the show was ideal. Not only did they sing some of my favourite songs from the show like 'If you heart can't handle it' and 'Fade into you' there were some new ones, like the awesome Stella sisters singing 'We got a love.' Whenever the cast of Nashville come out with new songs I listen to them on repeat and this definitely won't be an exception!

The Shires

'We can build our own Nashville
Underneath these grey skies
And people will come, they'll come from far and wide
They'll leave their village greens and their big cities behind
We can build our own Nashville
It's about time'

Another Nashville/country duo, however this time - their from England! The Shires seem to have such a melodic and beautiful sound to their music. Their album, Brave, is a mix of slow love songs and upbeat pop-infused country songs. It's my perfect cup of tea. The upbeat songs like 'Friday Night'   and 'Nashville Grey Skies' sound perfect when driving along with my window down in the sun - then the slower songs like ' Brave' and 'All Over Again' fill the early Taylor Swift-esque hole in my life. The Shires is another music act that I'm very glad I've found!

I'm having a girly night in my sister and mum tonight, eating until we're stuffed and watching The Blind Side, and I couldn't be more excited! Hope your all having a good weekend! 

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