Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Top 4 Favourite Places I've Travelled to

I love reading blogs. After the standard Instagram, Twitter and Facebook update in the morning I instantly go scrolling through my bloglovin' apps. Some of my favourite posts to read are about people's favourite things, posts written about things people love so that their passion shines through. And when thinking about things I love, I thought about travelling, so I have put together a little list about my favourite places in the world that I have been. Now there are so many more places that I want to explore but these are a few of my favourite that I've visited so far in my short life. 

New York

New York. Nothing will ever really compare to New York. I went in the summer of 2010, when I was 13 and since then I have become overly obsessed with it (I mean, I even decorated my room New York themed...) I did all the traditional tourist things when I went with my family, like going up the Empire State, seeing the Statue of Liberty and spending time in Times Square and I loved every single second of it. Then in 2012 my brother, sister and I travelled into the city for a day whilst waiting between flights, although this day was rainy and quite a dreary day; it was perfect. I just felt so content walking along the buzzing streets taking in the whole atmosphere. I've said ever since 2010 that one day I will work and live there, and I know that is a huge huge goal to have, but I figure I might as well try.

Italy - Tuscany

I've been to Italy four times, and three were spent in Tuscany. I just have memories of endless days soaking up the sun by the pool, eating huge amounts of pizza and just having laughs with my family. I remember this one place we went, it was next to a river and we spent time jumping off rocks into this river, whilst my brother attempted to learn how to fish. However when he finally caught a fish he was too skirmish to touch it or to let it go, so me, being the youngest had to take hold of this slimy fish and throw it back into the river. I have great memories of Italy with my family but have created some this past year when I travelled to Civetta on my school ski trip. I liked seeing another side to the sunny Italy of a snowy tourist village in the mountains, Italy is beautiful and I really would like to go back there soon.


When most people think of Florida, they think of Disney world in Orlando. I have been there and loved it but in the recent years my family and I have been to Orlando to just chill. We've revisited a town called Bradenton a few times and it almost feels like home. Although the weather is slightly temperamental and you might be caught in a Tropical storm, like we were once, when it is sunny it is heaven, the humidity is crazy but days by the pool are perfect. Florida holidays are filled with sunbathing, eating a huge amount of food (mostly in our favourite restaurant ever, Applebees) and shopping, they are pure heaven.

Washington and Chicago

I have been so lucky to have visited both these cities, and like with everywhere in America - I loved it. Washington was such a pretty, chilled and clean city, I learnt a lot about American history and was happy to see another side to America. I went to Chicago just last summer and you can see in the multiple of blog posts I posted back then - but I loved it as well and often find myself daydreaming back to that holiday.

I am super lucky to have visited all these places at just 18 but I have so many more places on my bucket list. If you enjoyed this post let me know, because I've really enjoyed writing it and might do a 'places I want to go' list type post. Hope your week is going well, I'm off shopping today for a bunch of spring clothes!

Now Watching // Friday Night Lights has been the perfect accompaniment to my photography work the past few days!


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  1. I love love love travelling, so this was such a nice post to read! I'm going to New York this summer and I'm super excited! I've always wanted to go to Italy thanks to the history nerd in me! I'd definitely love to see more of these type of posts, man! x


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