Thursday, 16 April 2015

The importance of being part of a team

I have recently finished re-watching the first season of Friday Night Lights as it came to Netflix recently. And if you don't know what Friday Night Lights is (seriously, where have you been?) it's about a small town in Texas and is based around the high school football team. But, it's not all about sports! It's about the dramas, the romances, the passion behind the sport and everything to do with the coach's family and the players. And, it's amazing. Although I don't want this post to be all about this programme I would seriously recommend that everyone watches it - but I'm writing about this because it got me thinking about teamwork and how important it is.

I dance. That's my hobby (apart from blogging.) I've been dancing since I was three years old and since I was that age, I've been dancing in a group. We do a dance show every year or so so from the age of 3 onwards every year I would perform a dance in a group. Then, from about age eight onwards I started competitions and since then I have been performing with a group of four other girls by my side all these 15 years. And my love for those four other girls feels eternal.  In 3 months or so I will stop dancing with my dance school (as I hope to move to university) and the thought of leaving that dance school honestly breaks my heart. But reflecting on my past 15 years has taught me the importance of teamwork.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

The two dances I do at competitions are solos and groups. I love doing solos - having the stage to your own and getting lost in a moment. But it's only you on that wide stage and sometimes, it gets a bit lonely. When you look out and see all those eyes staring just at you, it's a lil' scary. But when you dance in a group, it's a whole other feeling. Your part of a team, you dance as one, you are their for each other. Yes, you feel a whole lot of pressure because when you do something wrong its horrible. You feel like you have left everyone down. But it motivates you to do better. After all these hours of long tiresome rehearsals, most of the time it's the people your surrounded with that gets you through. When I catch myself in the mirror in the middle of a rehearsal, I look terrific, I look sweaty and tired and my hair is always a mess. But, then I look to my side and I see my best friend Emily looking the exact same. Some of the best nights I've had at dancing, when I've laughed the most, are the hardest ones, the ones when there are literal blood sweat and tears, but, although we get frustrated, we are all in it together. We all dance because we love it and when we're at a competition we all have the same goal; to dance our best, not let anyone else down, enjoy it, and to ultimately try and win. And when, last week things got tough, we all pushed through and winning with 91 marks, it was worth it. It motivates me to do better. To continue with the energy and drive that we found in that moment. 

None of it can happen without your teammates. 

Teammates are there for you all the time. Not only in the sport you play, but as friends, their support should travel further that the field (or stage.) You share a bond, a love for a sport, that connects you in more ways than one. Yes, you share the same goal, but you share the memories of how you got to that goal. Teammates are there for you in the good times and the hard, when things get tough, motivate each other and let them know your there. 

I don't know what this post is essentially about, but it felt like something that needed to be said - although I like being alone, being part of a group is a feeling like no other. So, yeah, sorry if this post was too ramble or just very random, it felt like something I needed to write and get off my chest! 

I'm going to finish with one last saying that I really love 

 Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!

Now Watching // Friday Night Lights - Obviously!


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